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Homemade raps
Big Sausage Pizza
Homemade raps

Yo heres some raps that just came outta my oven foshizzle

gay rap

“Move, go get out of this place, get the hell out of the gangsta state, we’ll come knockin' with a goddamn gun, we do this type of shit just fo' fun."

verse 1

“come on guys we got a fight tonight, a gangsta fight, alright (yea)?!! And if you late, that’s great, we’ll just consider you out of yo place. There’ll be a bullet in yo face, you goddamn disgrace!

verse 2

“why was you late, I’ll bitch slap your face, you damn disgrace! or better yet, I’ll give you give you five seconds to run, 'til I load this gun, 5 seconds starts now-run nigga run!"

rap is really gay
every fuckin' day
rap is for queers
who take it up the rears
it is for fags
who suck on paper bags

Other rap
doesn’t anyone else wanna make a rap,
or is everyone tired, taking a nap?
nah, who the hell goes to bed at 5:30,
if you do that’s sad man, that aint purdy.

oh man come on, there has to be some people here,
I just saw some people here, and it’s like no one’s been here for years,
that’s just messed up y’all, everyone leaving,
am I the only man on the earth, that’s still breathing?

Other rap 2
quit swearing man, that’s not cool,
unless you actually out of school,
you ain’t out of school man are you?
that would explain a lot so I bet you are too,
but man that’s messed up man what you just posted,
quit saying gay stuff 'cause you know you got roasted.

just leave me alone man this is getting boring,
I’ve just fallen asleep and now I’m snoring,
if you really find this that endearing,
go bug someone else you copied 'cause I’m getting searing,
mad that is, just like the hulk said,
“you won’t like me when I’m angry” unless you have a head full of lead.

other rap 3
ok fine, you caught me I was being hypocritical,
but for god’s sake I hope this discussion doesn’t get political,
'cause that would be dumb as hell everyone is entitled to their opinion,
like sandwiches for example, on sandwiches I must have onions

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